“Twenty Seven” at the Atterbury Theatre


“Without mathematics there is no art”
-Luca Pacioli-

Years ago there was an article in a magazine for guitar players about interesting trivia like ” Using the formula of A=1, B=2 etc: you will find the sum of ‘HAND’=27″. the fact that the adult human hand has twenty seven bones made this a fascinating coincidence. Not really mind boggling stuff, but then trhere was also reference to Elvis’ birth date – 8 Jan 1935 – which added up to 27 as well.

For some reason Andra and 27 got married there and then. Their relationship grew stronger through the years and (as a fellow musician) phenoomena like the “27Club” obviously fuelled the passion even further. She was forever contemplating the idea of telling ALL the stories concerning 27 – not just the sad ones.

So – this show is not just about remembering and honoring those who left us, it is about the peculiar occurence of 27 appearing all around us and her attraction to it. The mysterious journey of the number TWENTY SEVEN. Obviously it is not possible to tell all the stories at once, but this is a start.

Andra was born 27 years ago.
When her parents were 27 years old.

It’s time…

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