Twenty Seven

“Without mathematics there is no art”
-Luca Pacioli-

Years ago there was an article in a magazine for guitar players about interesting trivia like ” Using the formula of A=1, B=2 etc: you will find the sum of ‘HAND’=27″. the fact that the adult human hand has twenty seven bones made this a fascinating coincidence. Not really mind boggling stuff, but then trhere was also reference to Elvis’ birth date – 8 Jan 1935 – which added up to 27 as well.

For some reason Andra and 27 got married there and then. Their relationship grew stronger through the years and (as a fellow musician) phenomena like the “27Club” obviously fueled the passion even further. She was forever contemplating the idea of telling ALL the stories concerning 27 – not just the sad ones.

Photos by: ProSelect Images

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