“Made an old Dream of mine come true this summer… I was not quite prepared for the awe-inspiring experience.

Surfing feels like you’ve been let in on a sacred secret as deep and ancient as the very Ocean you’re getting acquainted with… As if, for a moment, you’re invited to see behind a curtain into a world of pure, sincere connection with the wisdom of the Earth. You don’t own that place… it’s not yours – but if you leave yourSelf behind, when you just let go of everything – the waves will patiently teach you how to dance, and gently (and sometimes not so gently) break your fall(s). This dance is incredibly vicious, and yet you’ve never felt more calm and serene…

Surfing is a lot like Music, a lot like Life – you have to surrender… believe… know that you’re not entitled to ANYthing… learn to laugh at yourself and take giant leaps of faith – but first: you will fall. You WILL!

And what a fun and utterly addictive fall that is!!

Here’s to a connected and delightfully fall-filled 2013!”


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