“So many GREAT things happened this month (so far)! A wonderful – but quick – Namibia tour; my sister got married to a great guy (YAY!!) resulting in me gaining a super cool brother (always wanted one); it started raining in Pretoria again; the streets are purple with Jacaranda blossoms and my “Twenty Seven – it’s everywhere” baby was on the official Aardklop program! What an honour, what a blast!!!

Looking back after having such an unbelievably awesome experience at the festival… I realize once again… Sometimes things go horribly wrong just to get rid of the things that you cling to that aren’t actually doing you any good. …what you’re left with, then, is the MAGIC… And for this, I am SO grateful. What an AWESOME time we had!!! Thank you Jeannette, Lizelle, Eben, Craig, Werner, Wynand, Jaco, Brenda, Hannah, Roelize, Christopher, Theuns, Inge, Mecé, Curtis, Masego, Wesley, Janet, Auntie Ansie, Auntie Monica, #27mob extra’s, Riana, Mama and Papa, ‘Hello Sushi’, Klerksdorp’s ‘Le Danze Dance School’ and Pretoria’s ‘ZiaDance’ for keeping the faith with me!! ..WE DID IT!! 🙂 …from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU!!” ~a

Next: Andra will be performing at “Mieliepop Festival” as part of side-project Tenkai Pennies on 26 October 2012; solo at Café Barcelona on 23 November 2012 (ONLINE tickets available SOON!); solo at Tanz Café, Fourways with Natalie Chapman, Shotgun Tori and Josie Field on 29 November 2012.

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